Foot scan as a basis

Are you the owner, manager or purchaser of a shoe store, sporting goods store, shoe chain or shoe purchasing organization? Then you have the challenge of enticing consumers to visit your physical store. With experience and attention that they do not receive online. Foot scanners from Aetrex are now those indoor runners. These provide an enormous amount of information at lightning speed, recorded in a personal foot passport. Your advice will be tailor-made, the service will be (even) better, your customers will return regularly and become loyal ambassadors. That gives satisfaction and an increasing return. look at the Aetrex foot scanners, what they can do and especially what they will bring you.

Lynco insoles

Every foot is unique, a shoe universal. An insole selected with accurate scan information from the Aetrex foot scanners makes universal shoes tailored and comfortable. You recommend the perfect shoe, the ...

Lynco flips

Aetrex Flips and Slides have the main features of the Aetrex orthotic line. The shape is aligned in relation to the anatomy of the foot to provide cushioning and ...

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