Lynco flips

Assortment Lynco flips

Aetrex Flips and Slides have the main features of the Aetrex orthotic line. The shape is aligned in relation to the anatomy of the foot to ensure cushioning and shock absorption for the entire foot. The integrated Lynco footbed is strategically placed to prevent pronation, keep your body in good alignment and promote good posture. A soft cushion reduces pressure on the ball-of-the-foot and prevents forefoot discomfort often associated with traditional slippers and loafers.

Aetrex Flips and Slides are made from EVA-injected UltraSKYTM for extreme cushioning, shock absorption and durability. And finally, the between-toe insert - which feels uncomfortable in many flip-flops - is specially designed with super soft foam to keep your toes comfortable all day long. With Aetrex Flips and Slides you will feel like walking on clouds and enjoy the most comfortable shoe experience ever.


  • Strategically placed Lynco patented footbed for balance and alignment
  • Dual density outsole provides extra cushioning
  • Soft metatarsal cushion reduces forefoot stress
  • Extra soft insert between the toes for comfortable wearing
  • Water-friendly, so light that they float




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