About Aetrex

Aetrex is the world leader in foot scanners and insoles. The company was founded in 1946 by Paul and Charles Schwartz and developed and supplied arch supports. The brand has been in the family for three generations. The family business strives for continuous improvement in foot comfort.

World leader foot scanners

Aetrex is distributed worldwide. Aetrex Central Europe in Holten is exclusive importer and supplier for Italy, France, DACH, the Benelux, GB and Ireland. Behind the scenes, a team of leading hardware and software engineers, programmers and designers work on everyday foot comfort. With smart scanning equipment, comfortable and customized insoles, Aetrex helps the shoe industry move forward.

Albert ™ is Aetrex's revolutionary 3D foot scanner. It offers the most comprehensive, accurate and personalized foot scan technology available today. In less than a minute, the foot scanner records unique information about the user's feet. The information is recorded in a personal foot passport and database. This valuable information is the starting point for entrepreneurs in the shoe industry for a higher service level, custom advice, suitable insoles and targeted marketing campaigns.

Aetrex acquired SOLS® Systems Inc. over, leader and pioneer of 3D printed comfort insoles.

To ensure high quality and service and keep you walking in comfort, Aetrex Central Europe guarantees you the above 5 improvements with the delivery of Aetrex foot scanners in combination with comfort insoles.

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