Story of Albert 2

Albert 2 is a fully-integrated foot scanning system engineered to help customers find the right fitting footwear and orthotics and provide an enhanced customer experience at retail.

The quick, easy-to-use, two-feet-at-once scanning process takes 20 seconds or less, and can capture both static and dynamic pressure, as well as 360˚ 3D measurements of the foot. The accurate, complete foot data is then used to help customers find the best fitting footwear or orthotics on the first try, based on their unique foot profile. The life-like, 3D animated Albert character guides users through the scanning process, while also responding to voice commands, creating a one-of-a-kind, interactive customer experience. The customer's unique foot scan data can then be sent via email, allowing users to access their information after they leave the store. This white paper provides a detailed overview of the technology behind Albert 2.

At Aetrex, we believe finding the right fit for one's feet starts with an accurate understanding of the three-dimensional profile of the feet. This requires a 360˚ capture of each foot, including the underside, accurate measurement of the foot length, width, instep, arch height, girth, and arch type among other parameters, and an industrial grade Cloudbased platform (Fig. 1 Albert 2 Architecture ) to convert the data into business intelligence
for retailers and consumers. Depending on the device configuration, the Albert 2 scanner can perform a comprehensive pressure scan, a 3D depth scan and obtain accurate foot measurements in under 20 seconds.

The Aetrex Cloud Platform uses Machine Learning to turn these accurate foot measurements into intelligent recommendations for orthotics and
footwear. The AI-Powered Albert Voice Assistant provides conversational style answers to questions that a customer might have regarding their feet, the recommended orthotics products, or any other topic in the area of foot science and health. After the scan, customers leave with a personalized Foot Passport on their mobile device that they can access securely at any time. This personalized email summarizes their unique scan report and includes orthotics and footwear recommendations based on their foot profile.

The Foot Passport can be connected to the retailer's eCommerce platform allowing the retailer to stay connected with their customers, presenting long-term revenue opportunities. Aetrex's Web API provides a restful, secure interface to the Aetrex Cloud that the retailer CRM systems
can connect to and retrieve data from. This allows retailers to ingest data into their systems and manage their customers with their own CRM platforms. Retailers also have access to a Cloud Analytics portal to monitor their scans, run and schedule reports, and conduct product and inventory planning for the future.

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