Runners benefit from scan-tuned insoles

A recent scientific pilot study conducted by Boston University on behalf of Aetrex has shown that runners benefit from insoles. These insoles, tailored by the computer results, increase walking comfort and reduce the risk of injuries.

Running is increasing in popularity. Exercise is healthy. But as more people exercise, the gait-related injury also increases. Aetrex's hypothesis was that comfort insoles selected on a foot scan can prevent or reduce injuries.

The pilot study was conducted on experienced runners aged 20-75 who had no ongoing foot pain until then. The participants underwent a health check and had a foot scan. Following the foot scan, one of four selected Lynco® Aetrex L 400 series foot-specific insoles is recommended. After a 2-week adaptation period, the study participants walked separately with and without the insoles for 4 weeks and noted distance, time, comfort, and the presence of any injuries or pain. Data with the insoles were compared with data without. Runners with insoles ran slightly faster, but not significantly. The difference in pain was significant. Pain and injuries were 17.8% less experienced when running with custom-selected comfort insoles.

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